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Grow Your Own Mini Lettuce or Herb Garden

with Sturgeon Creek Farm


Next session: February 25th, 2023

$15 More Info

It is possible to grow food, even in winter! Join Master Gardener Leslie Stevens to learn how to start and maintain a lettuce or herb bowl that can be repeatedly harvested starting in about a month.

This class is appropriate for children 8 and older.

Material Fee: $5, payable to the instructor at class by cash or check

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Start Your Own Annual Vegetable and Flower Seedlings for Spring

with Sturgeon Creek Farm


Next session: April 5th, 2023

$20 More Info

Starting seeds is fun and much more cost-effective than buying seedlings. With a few tips, you can start your own vegetable and flower seedlings now and be ready for planting by the end of May.  Join Master Gardener Leslie Stevens at Sturgeon Creek Farm for an in-depth look at successful seed starting.  Everyone will leave with a packet of seeds and the knowledge needed to grow healthy seedlings.

This class is appropriate for children 12 and older.

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So You Want to Raise Chickens?

with Sturgeon Creek Farm


Next session: March 18th, 2023

$15 More Info

Keeping backyard chickens is fun and a great way to provide food for the household. We have been raising chickens for 15 years and love to help new chicken owners get started.  This class will address how to decide which kinds of chickens to get, how to keep them healthy, what kind of safe housing to provide, how to limit predation, what to feed them, and when to expect the hens to start laying eggs. Participants will get to see our brooders for young chicks, many different types of coops, the type of fencing we use, and many different varieties of hens and colored eggs.

This class is appropriate for children aged 8 and older.