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Intro to Expressive Art Journaling

with Pamela Clark


Next session: March 8th to 29th, 2023

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Mixed media art journaling gives you the freedom to create self-expressive art without the fear of mistakes. Expressive art journaling can help to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. Learn to create a visual expression of ideas, thoughts & emotions while relaxing & having fun using a wide range of art supplies & techniques. No art skills are required!

Pamela Clark is the owner/instructor at Healing Expressive Art (HEART) with over 11 years of experience using expressive art to help facilitate self-exploration, healing, and empowerment.

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with Jill Braceland


Next session: April 5th, 2023

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Jumpstart your Spring cleaning! This seminar is designed to offer organizing strategies to start your downsizing efforts. Establish your project priorities, learn what supplies you might need, and set realistic time constraints. Students will leave with an action plan!

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Improving Positive Self-Talk through Art Journaling

with Pamela Clark


Next session: April 5th to May 17th, 2023

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The words you use in your internal self-dialogue impact you every day. Learning to improve these messages can help you improve depression, anxiety, self-confidence & self-esteem. Learn a fun & easy way to change the messages while creating a mixed-media art journal. No technical art skills are required!